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Transforming Taiwan's Halal Economy

through capacity building

Barakah Taiwan Halal Hub Co., established on 14 February 2018, is a Halal industry service company co-founded by Malaysia’s Barakah Capital Holding (BCH) with the bi-lateral synergy between the two governments of Taiwan and Malaysia and their authority bodies to spur the development of Taiwan’s Halal certification and economies.​


Barakah Halal Certification is parallel with the rigorous Malaysia Halal standards, along with other certifications directly issued by Jakim, Malaysia’s Halal Certifications body. ​A strategic corporation with Halal Development Corporation HDC (HDC), the driving force behind Malaysia's Halal economy was established in April 2020 to provide guidance and capacity building programs for Taiwan’s Halal organisations and authorities.​ The latest strategic partnership is established with the International Food Identification Center (IFIC) to strengthen Barakah Taiwan’s Food Safety Assurance by Halal Certification through internationally proven and recognised integrated food safety solutions.

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