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Through our sustainability and Halal-centric investments, we are focused on building and achieving strategic goals as the catalyst of our mission to facilitate, drive and promote initiatives which are not exhaustive including: 

  1. Establishing Islamic Finance Institute dedicated to OIC Member Countries

  2. Establishing Regional and Global Halal Institute and Authority Center

  3. Establishing OIC Inter & Intra Trade Exposition Center

  4. Investing in Infrastructure Development of OIC Member Countries

  5. Fortifying Small and Medium Enterprise's Manufacturing of Halal Consumer Products and Services

  6. Promoting Halal Tourism & Hospitality for OIC Member Countries

  7. Investing in Sustainable Green Development and Economy 

  8. Investing Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Digitalization Transformation and Smart Distribution

  9. Fortifying ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in Global Halal and Ethical Value-Chain

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