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Pinnacle of Exchange

Championing Legacy beyond borders

The Pinnacle of Exchange

At Barakah Trade, we are trade-enabler of modern Halal commerce while transpiring Barakah's enduring pillars and wholesome virtues in business and trade to create values for tomorrow's mankind, today.


We are dedicated in our mission to champion global Halal excellences and its untapped Halal market potentials by bridging divides, forging enduring local and global alliances, uniting global citizens and corporate nations, simplifying big ideas, humanising technologies to spur global Halal economies and lifestyles transcending borders in harmony.

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Transcending Halal for Health, Halal for All

Eat Well, Live Healthy

Sharing Wealth & Prosperity

Foster Peace & Stability

Barakah International to be based in Qinpu, Shanghai is currently being established to foster international trade between China and 57 Organization of Islamic Cooperation nations with the development of the Global Halal Trade Exchange (GHTE) focusing in: 

  1. Financial Empowerment

  2. Edu-Tourism 

  3. Trade Tourism 

  4. Food Tourism 

  5. Medic-Tourism

  6. Cultural Exchange Tourism 

  7. Cross-border exchanges 

Our mission is aligned with the Nation's One Belt and One Road Initiative of Maritime and Land Silk Road, Yangtze River Delta integration and the annual National Import Expo strategies. 

Barakah International is envisaged to be the global halal trading and digital economy headquarter empowering corporate nations with technology and finance with focus on Harmonizing Trade, Uniting Nations and Promoting Peace and Stability.

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SHANGHAI              CHINA

The Gateway to New 
Global Halal Markets

Go China        Go Global 

Seafood supply partners 


Premium Shrimp / Prawn

We would like to invite premium seafood (especially shrimp) producers including aquaculture who are interested to expand their businesses into new markets and explore the possibilities starting with China via the Global Halal Trade Exchange (GHTE).

Basic Requirement

Halal Certified Seafood with Export Capability

Supply Requirement

Minimum 1 x 20' FCL per month

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