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Uniting the world on humanity wellness

Established in January 2018, Barakah Ethical and Consumer Union (BECU), is mandated to share prosperity and empower fellow Ummah and mankind on Halal consumerism, ethical advocacy and co-existence in harmony as a means of quality living that builds nation, enriches lives and thereafter.  

We believe that education is key to building nation and elevating living standards.  We sought to revolutionize Halal legacy by providing adaptive solutions with ethical intrinsic as the new frontier for global Halal consumerism to attain higher consumer trust and loyalty. We undertake to infuse the essence Islamic Ethics, Culture, Economics, Green Technology and Life-Sciences in Halal codes to spur tangible and strategic growth exclusively for the future of Halal consumerism and rights through trading, technology, food, wellness, hospitality and nature conservation amongst others

Eat well, 
Live Healthy

The 5 Pillars

BECU is built on the universal philosophy for full consciousness of wellbeing that is based on 5 pillars that are Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity, Sustainability and Shared-Prosperity to strengthen the Halal propositions with Ethical subset as the way forward.


We believe universal wellbeing can be attained with the full consciousness between Body, Mind, Heart, Soul based on the virtues of Iman, Quran, Sunna that is Lawful, Peaceful, Harmonious and Wholesome between: 

  1. Human & Human

  2. Human & Nature

  3. Human & Environment

  4. Human & Animal Kingdom

  5. Human & Vegetation

Generous but not wasteful,

Thrifty but not stingy



At BECU, we envisaged to: 

  1. promote Halal & ethical Barakah consumerism essence, lifestyle and culture,

  2. promote ethical and responsible human engagement with nature and all living creations,

  3. promote zero waste consumerism according and upholding the Practice of Prophet Muhammad “Generous But Not Wasteful, Thrifty But Not Stingy”,

  4. establish food bank for the underprivileged and for animal,

  5. promote Halal and Thoyib campaign through education, training, consumer activism and awareness program,

  6. promote Eat Well and Live Healthy Campaign for physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health excellence. 

Reversing Today's Perception

Unavailability & inaccessibility

Incomprehensive range & variety

Incomplete solution

Marketing & branding inadequacy

Trust issues

Low consumer confidence

Low market education & accessibility

Poor pre & post sales support

Uninspiring perception

Low values in environmental, social & governance (ESG)

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