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Converging in Discourse to Advance Status Quo


Inside Halal


This is an Arabic term which means permissible or lawful in Islam. In reference to food, it is the Islamic dietary standard, as prescribed in the Islamic Law of Shari’ah. Haram to the contrary means impermissible or unlawful. 

Halal Essence & Goodwill  in Focus

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Advancing Status Quo

  • Revisit Halal that is Lawful, Peaceful, Harmonious and Wholesome Co-existence between Human & Human, Human & Environment, Human & Nature, Human & Animal, and Human & Vegetation without compromising other's wellbeing.

  • Jumpstart the recognition of Halal Thoyib best practices in lifescience to bring value and create positive contribution for a better change for humanity, environment, nation building, culture and lifestyle. Revisit the narrative of Halal and Thoyib based on Iman, Quran and Sunnah with Body, Mind, Heart and Soul to return to the purity of Human Nature, to the taste Sweetness of Faith.

  • Transcending Global Halal Awareness and Steering Education.  

  • Transforming Halal Economies, Lifestyle and Culture.

  • Accelerate Digital Halal and Heighten Certification. 

  • Alleviate Global Halal harmonization and Authority Convergence, Partnership and Collaboration.

  • Halal Trendsetting for Movers and Shakers for the future of Halal and its Legacy.

  • Transcending Halal Economies with global outreach, acceptance, participation and respect. 

  • Enhancing the Power of Consumerism and Halal via enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Brand Excellence for Consumer Trust. 

  • Respecting the Source: Pioneering EcoHalal and Alignment with Circular Economy, Industry 4.0 and Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2050 targets.

Conference Lecture

Converging In Discourse

Reversing Today's Perception

Unavailability & inaccessibility

Incomprehensive range & variety

Incomplete solution

Marketing & branding inadequacy

Trust issues

Low consumer confidence

Low market education & accessibility

Poor pre & post sales support

Uninspiring perception

Low values in environmental, social & corporate governance (ESG)

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