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It is our mission to create a launchpad and seek smart partnerships globally with global citizens and corporate nations for common goodness through our investments and integrated strategies to elevate and enrich lives. We are inspired to lead and deliver sustainable values in economic, social and governance (ESG) by upholding the true glory and essence of our Halal legacy with lasting admiration and integrity as the core of what we do. In that, we are forthwith in bringing pivotal perception shift, impactful and innovative change for the advancement of global Halal as the new pillar of recognition and authority for health excellence, wealth creation, shared prosperity and sustainable eco-practitioner. 

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Marlina Wong Abdullah

Founder & President

Halal for Health, Halal for All

Eat Well, Live Healthy

Sharing Wealth & Prosperity

Foster Peace & Stability

Image by Robert Collins


Blessings for All


​Since March of 2020, the Covid-19  backdrop has caused unprecedented disruption and brought the world to a stand-still with accompanying adversities never seen before. In the backdrop of post-covid challenges we endeavor an impactful restart for all mankind. 

In that, we invoke the ALMIGHTY to aid and ease us all in our insufficiencies, be away from difficulties in all our worldly endeavors. At Barakah, we appeal to the ALMIGHTY for protection and to shower His Blessings &  Protection to you and your loved ones. May we all overcome the test with full Submission and Conviction to The Oneness of Creation by The CREATOR.


In this time of uncertainty and profound challenges, we pray for resilience and protection with the embodiment of  Takfakul (Deep Thought), Taddarbur (Learn & Reflection) , Tawwakul (Submission & Surrender), Tawwadur (Piety & Humbleness) during this trying time. ​

Halal Thoyib


Let's revisit the narrative of Halal and Thoyib based on Iman, Quran and Sunnah with  Body, Mind, Heart and Soul to return to the purity of Human Nature, to the taste Sweetness of Faith. Let's embody the restoration of Islamic manners including promote:

  1. zero waste from farm to table,

  2. knowing our 40 neighbors,

  3. be generous to share our own goodness,

  4. revive the system of Zakat, Infaq and Waqaf in the total supply chain of Halal governances as it’s Lawful, Peaceful, Harmonious, and Wholesome Coexistence between  :-


  1. Human & Human;

  2. Human & Environment;

  3. Human & Nature;

  4. Human & Animal; and

  5. Human & Vegetation without compromising other's wellbeing.


Reviving the practice of Zero Waste in all areas of life discipline, including: 

  1. Water Conservation, 

  2. Energy Conservation,

  3. Saving Seeds,  

  4. creating awareness in all level of society, starting from childhood education.


Achieving A Sharing, Caring and Loving Society by Knowing 40 Neighbors. Carry out our communal responsibility by sharing common good.


Promoting Permaculture Edible Food Garden in Universities, Schools, Masjids, Tahfiz, as the educational syllabus that is based on 3s being the Save, Share and Seeds.


A case study on Surah Al Baqarah 2:261, as how the role of Charity can multiple benefit and goodness, a grain of Corn to produce 7 ears and each will produce 100 grain. 

Surah Yusuf depicts as to how Nabi Yusuf RA saved His country and explained how the system of Infaq saved His neighboring countries during the 8 years of severe drought with the Food Security Formula of: 

1/3 own use, 1/3 Infaq, 1/3 Reserve and Replanting.

To revive the Practice of Prophet Muhammad way of Consumerism Culture according to the Hadith that is: 

“Generous but not wasteful, thrifty but not stingy “

Barakah Ethical & Consumer Union


BECU has been successfully registered under the national level in Malaysia, now we are expanding to international level which is in line with our global target to partner ambassadors who are the contributors to nation building and community development with the embodiment of the Union's culture and values.


Join us on "Halal For Health, Halal For All" journey. Let's have an impactful restart coming out of the pandemic.





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