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Industry experts meet in Shaanxi for food safety discussions

The Third Food and National Security Shaanxi Forum and Shaanxi Food Safety and Creditability Construction Conference took place in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province on January 30, raising public awareness of the local government's determination and achievements in food safety.

Sun Di (left) and Marlina Wong (right) at the signing ceremony during the event.

Photo: Courtesy of Shi An Cheng Shi

Supported by The Economic Daily and China National Food Industry Association, and hosted by Economy magazine and the Organizing Committee of Food and National Security Forum, attendees at the event discussed challenges in food safety and possible solutions.

Many guests attended the event, including Hu Hengyang, the director of the committee on agricultural and rural investment of the Investment Association of China and the former National Development and Reform Commission of China inspector; Chen Zhiqiang, the president of Economy magazine; Liu Lianfu, the chairman of the China Green Food Association; and Wang Zhengjun, the director of Shaanxi General Chamber of Commerce.

Hu and Liu made introductory speeches in which they described some current problems in food safety in Shaanxi Province, possible ways of tackling them, and how to develop the food industry in the province.

Liu Lianfu, the chairman of the China Green Food Association

Photo: Courtesy of Shi An Cheng Shi

The relationships between food safety and the internet, data services, technology support, the local industrial chain and credit mechanisms were debated and analyzed.

As domestic food safety has improved dramatically, more Chinese food producers have begun looking into markets beyond China. The Belt and Road initiative is a good opportunity for the domestic food industry to look overseas, raise the quality of their products, develop new sources of demand and to ensure the expansion of interchanges between the food trade at home and abroad.

Marlina Wong, president of Barakah and Ethical Consumer Union based in Malaysia, is also a representative of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). She spoke at the event on her personal understanding of food safety matters. Wong said that food safety in China is important for the Belt and Road initiative, which can bring about common solutions to common challenges for Chinese food producers targeting overseas markets.

She also described cooperation between China and OIC members in food safety as a win-win choice.

"In the future, we will work closely with China as we develop the international food trade," Wong said.

Liu Jie, director of iRain Parking spoke of the development and construction of the Internet of Things.

Sun Di, director of the national operations center of Enterprise Qualification Credit Certification on Food Safety gave a speech on establishing the credibility of food safety systems, suggesting a need for consolidation of financing channels and a credit system and the importance proper financing in the sector.

"The purpose of establishing the credibility of food safety companies is to maintain market order with collaboration between organizations providing more effective food safety credibility," Sun said.

During the event, Shi An Cheng Shi Technology Co., Ltd (Shi An Cheng Shi) and Barakah and Ethical Consumer Union signed a strategic business agreement on international collaboration in food safety.

Shi An Cheng Shi and iRain Parking also announced that the two parties have jointly built a food safety big data platform.

Guests and representatives during the event

Photo: Courtesy of Shi An Cheng Shi

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