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[VERIFIED] Public Invasion Tammy The Bus Stop Pickup

Metaphors are an essential part of how we communicate and conduct scientific research. We use analogies and metaphors to communicate findings. The careful use of metaphor can reveal insight and explain complex research, the careless use can cause errors lead to public misunderstandings and reinforce stereotypes and messages that undermine inclusiveness in the field. It's important to think about metaphors we use in science as they shape the practice of science itself and invasion biology. Invasion itself is a military term, this language can be compelling. There are a number of issues with leaning heavily on military metaphors, this framing of good versus evil assigns a moral value. Heavy use of military metaphor cans damage morale. If you're in a war and not winning, you're losing. Recent research has shown that this framework led to high rates of job dissatisfaction and burnout, which is understandable if you feel like you're going to work every day to fight a battle you can't win.

[VERIFIED] Public Invasion Tammy The Bus Stop Pickup

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