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Drunk Mature Moms

We know what it takes to end drunk driving, fight drugged driving and educate the next generation of drivers. But we still need help to reach the day that no one experiences a broken heart due to impaired driving.

drunk mature moms

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Behind every drunk and drugged driving statistic is a person whose life was full of family and friends, love and life, joy and laughter. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has several ways you can help create a future of No More Victims.

On October 23 at approximately 4:03 p.m., officers were flagged by SM Place security regarding two intoxicated women seen with a child. Officers responded to the 3rd level of SM Place and found one woman on the ground extremely intoxicated. Another woman, who was also intoxicated, was observed with her baby in a stroller as they were headed to structure 7. The woman with the baby was stopped prior to driving intoxicated with her baby. She was later arrested for child neglect and public drunkenness. The father of the baby arrived and took custody of the baby. The woman found drunk on the ground was picked up by her sister and taken home. Tiffany Richardson, 32, of Granada Hills was arrested for child endangerment and being drunk in public.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - A 3-year-old Oklahoma boy took the wheel of a pickup truck and steered it to safety across a four-lane highway after his drunken mother fell out of the vehicle, police said on Thursday. 041b061a72


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