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Michael Lewis

Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 4

You must be some sort of saint cause I could not get myself to get through even 5 mins of this episode. I know there's a lot of buzz on the series now because of "da lulz", but I can't bring myself to watch sloppy storytelling with a side of "we don't care, buy our merchandise".

Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 4


Having followed most major mecha Sunrise shows for year now, this is just par for the course. I tell you, you had no idea how many spoilers we would get for a Gundam show while it was airing, and Code Geass (R2 in particular) had every episode to 18-22 (and even some major spoilers for later events) leaked as far back the first half of the series. You will notice that once we come closer to the finale how tight lipped Sunrise gets about future revelations(or is it Bandai?). It's almost like they frontload the show with this much spoilers before making us thirst for them by the end.

I don't think she was too honest when she said she doesn't care about Haruto (or more exactly, I think she is too used on believing she lacks friends). We saw in past episodes that she does seem to care about him and in this episode she seemed to be preparing to tell him something important about herself but was interrupted by Shouko's arrival.

They might've screwed up this episode with the Narrator. Shoko's father became the president instead of just a cabinet/minster as mentioned by Hocchan's character (Nanami?) back episode 4; unless her father's the president and mother's a cabinet member, this would be a script error. 041b061a72


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