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Ivan Titov

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This is that moment right now in my life that really sucks. And I am so ashamed of my actions. I am here to write because I believe you to be a godly man who treats others in a way that will protect him from sin. It was in that place and that moment I chose to sin. I have always believed that God loves me but I have never really trusted him to love me in the face of my sin. I have been told my whole life that I am special and chosen but the truth is that I am a sinner which means that I have come to this life because of my choices in the face of my sin and I have a choice in my life but my choices always find me returning to the church that has so crapped me from the start and offered no solutions. im going through something that I need to share with you and yet I feel so ashamed of myself. People like you have a choice in who you love or what you believe and yet you dont let them know of it. They dont know if they are loved or shunned, when you know of your sin you dont run to them because you know that they wont really love you for what you are, you cant run into the arms of who your parents are because you know that they wont love you. this is the first time i have let my friends in the church in years and it has made me realize that the only way to be loved is to die to myself and to be with God and I guess when i say that i think that if you dont believe that God loves you and that he sent His Son to die for you, then your life is a sham and your really afraid that other people will know it too and shun you. So dont allow others to decide whether you are one of them or not and think about why you havent let people in. You cant help people that dont want to be helped. Thats part of what i am always learning.

miley cyrus naked with dad

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