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Direct Buy Furniture Locations

DirectBuy is an American membership buying service headquartered in Merrillville, Indiana. Members pay a fee, which entitles them to buy products at a discount, directly from the manufacturer and its authorized suppliers. Product categories include home furnishings, home improvement, entertainment, outdoor, flooring, and accessories.

direct buy furniture locations

DirectBuy was founded as United Consumers Club in 1971 in Merrillville, Indiana, by James L. Gagan.[2][3][4] It grew substantially over the years, as it franchised; at its height, the buying club had over a million members, with a peak of 167 showroom locations across North America.[5][6] The first Canadian franchise was founded in 1996. The company changed its name to DirectBuy in 2004.[7]

In January 2018, DirectBuy acquired the Sears Canada parts and warranty business, creating a new warranty membership for DirectBuy members who hold extended warranties from Sears and had been left without coverage on their appliances when Sears went out of business.[13] Also in January 2018, after having closed all but six of its showrooms, DirectBuy began opening new scaled-down brick-and-mortar clubs, with the first opened in Houston, Texas, and plans to open around 24 in the next two years. The Texas location would later close, and none of the 24 stores would be opened due to low sales. That month, the company announced that it is looking to acquire small furniture stores in cities where it has members.[14]

Prior to 2016, membership costs varied by franchise location, typically costing between $4,000 and $7,000 for a standard three-year membership and then around $200 per year for ensuing years.[6][11][16][17] Customers were pressured to decide at the time of the open house visit, before leaving the showroom, whether to join DirectBuy after receiving a presentation of services in which they could purchase home furnishings and other household items "at the same prices that the retailers pay."[18] In return for paying the membership fee, members were able to purchase home furnishing items directly from manufacturers or authorized suppliers.[19] In 2013, the company launched a new website, added trial memberships, and began touting a more transparent, customer-friendly style.[6][20] It also began offering travel deals, launching DirectBuy Travel in 2014.[6]

A 2007 review by Consumer Reports stated, "the lack of price transparency makes it hard to evaluate whether you'll save by joining DirectBuy. But even if you were to save 25 percent on purchases after joining, you'd need to spend more than $20,000 just to recoup your membership fee. DirectBuy might save you money if you're furnishing a house from scratch or doing a major renovation" but "since you can't shop around beforehand, you'll be joining blind."[18][21] Consumer Reports also found that prices for items such as electronics were, in some instances, higher than available from online retailers; the "deep discounts" were found on flooring and high-end furniture.[16][17][18] Despite the high fees, DirectBuy reported that 75% of its customers renewed their memberships in 2009.[22]

I've been a member of DirectBuy for around 12 years. I didn't have a problem with them in the beginning. Customer service went above & beyond to help when they closed the location near me right after I joined. Now, it's a different story. I ordered a sofa & loveseat in October of 2021 & still have not recieved it. I could barely get a return email before reporting them to BBB. After reporting them twice, they did offer a small discount since it had been almost a year since I ordered. I get an email almost monthly saying the shipping date has been pushed back one more month. I have spent a fortune on this membership & yearly renewal fees. If I get a refund now, I'll have to pay more for the furniture & will have lost a small fortune I've given this company. Do not waste your time & money on DirectBuy. This company is absolutely pathetic now.

We have been with this company for about 12 years. Hadn't ordered in quite a few years but purchased a new house and needed new furniture. The delivery company delivered our dresser to the house, but refused to bring their truck up the driveway. It is quite a long distance to the house. They carried it upstairs and hurriedly walked out. Had my son "sigh" on a phone that the item was delivered. On the small phone screen there was nothing else written. My son went up and took the cardboard off the dresser and it was damaged. I now know why the delivery people were in such a hurry to leave.

Direct Buy is very expensive to join and in the past they stood by their customers. Not anymore!! They offered us $7. Yes $7 on a almost $900 dresser. This company has lost all credibility. They are now a scam. They take your money and you have no recourse. Stay Away! Don't fall for their lies! Jeremy, their "Escalation Specialist" is a joke. We will never order from them again. We are going to be completely gutting our kitchen and buying a lot more furniture, window coverings, appliances, etc. Direct Buy will not be used.

I've been a member of DirectBuy since 2015. This year, we decided to remodel a few bathrooms in our home and to also replace some furniture. We placed several orders for items from different vendors through the DirectBuy website. My dissatisfaction is with the estimated delivery date that DirectBuy publishes after you place an order, the lack of transparency around this information, the lack of systems in place to keep this date updated, and the poor customer service experience when expressing my frustration.

Last month, the company opened its first new and scaled-down brick-and-mortar club in greater Houston, and the CEO of its parent company said it plans to roll out as many as two dozen clubs over the next two years. He expects a good part of that growth will come via the acquisition of small independent furniture stores looking for an exit strategy.

DirectBuy also has a new management team in place since the early days of the acquisition. It has returned to an emphasis on annual membership dues vs. monthly plans. And the membership club, which counts furniture and bedding as its largest single category, will be more digitally focused than ever before.

To propel its physical growth, Yoshimura said DirectBuy is looking at acquiring mom-and-pop furniture stores, particularly in locations where DirectBuy previously had a club and where it has a significant number of existing members. Out of the 24 or so clubs the company wants to open over the next two years, up to half may be existing furniture stores that convert, successful businesses with healthy base of customers who can take advantage of DirectBuy product catalog but with owners looking for a way to cash out. The Houston club, meanwhile, was opened from scratch, he said. All future clubs, conversions or new, will be company-owned.

Those liabilities were indeed the most expensive piece of the purchase as CSC paid vendors (about a third were furniture suppliers) some $4.5 million for all product that had been shipped to DirectBuy in the 30 days prior to the bankruptcy filing and covered severance, healthcare expenses and other employee liabilities. The total purchase price came to nearly $10 million, Yoshimura said.

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Once you select a different country, you will be leaving (United States) and you will enter an Ashley Furniture Homestore website that is operated by an independently owned and operated Ashley Furniture Homestore retailer.

We would be able to fully fund the Transaction using cash on hand and external financing from our existing lenders, such that the Transaction would not be contingent on obtaining financing. Given our familiarity with Flexsteel and our deep experience in the furniture products industry, we would require limited due diligence in connection with the Transaction. We are prepared to immediately commence and promptly complete this diligence.

One Kings Lane, founded in 2009 by Susan Feldman and Alison Pincus as a flash sale site, has grown over the years into a full-fledged furniture and home accessories company with a mix of proprietary collections, collaborations and one-of-a-kind finds. Its approach has been to blend product from the world of high-end design (companies like Aero Studios, Visual Comfort, Aerin and Bunny Williams Home all sell through the site) with a distinctly editorial approach to merchandising. In recent years, the company had been taking steps to bulk up its physical retail presence, including the opening last year of a 3,500-square-foot showroom in Boston and a Manhattan store in SoHo in 2018. 041b061a72


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