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Jesus Galkin
Jesus Galkin

Defiance Full Movie [TOP] Free Download

Early on, you guys were staunchly DIY, to the point of painstakingly manufacturing your own records. The band decided collectively that it would be more feasible to get some help from a label to produce future records, while keeping the music free for download. Was it hard from a mental standpoint to make this shift, and was it hard to set up a deal with No Idea records to still keep the music available for free download, even if you offered it weeks after the physical release?

Defiance full movie free download

At some point we realized, though we have a lot of individual interests, none of the members of Defiance, Ohio wanted to run a record label based around our releases. It was clear that, we needed help with it and that our own energies could maybe be better spent on a variety of other creative and social endeavors. Var and No Idea were very easy to work with from the beginning. Not only did they not question our desire to have the music available for free download, but Var talked with me for hours at a time about changing lots of other things about how the records would be released.


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