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If we focused on cashback per transaction, It could be a valuable card for new individuals who want reward points or SuperCoins on Daily offline/Online Shopping. it is easily available for both Incomes Source Individual The Salaried person or Self-Employed can apply and get this card. As I Already Said, it is an Entry-level Credit card. those who earn ₹15000 and above per month can be completely eligible for the card however if you are Self-Employed your monthly income must be ₹30,000 and Up.

For Flipkart Plus Members, it offers to earn upto 12 SuperCoins on each ₹100 or above Transaction on the Flipkart website. For Any other outside purchases, it allows earning 2 Supercoins per ₹100 shopping. However, you will get just 6 Supercoins as a Cashback For Non-Plus Flipkart Members.

Apart from Cashback Benefits, it offers plenty of Discounts and Premium Subscriptions. It also allows additional facilities for Axis Bank. you will get 20% Direct OFF in Partner or Selected premium restaurants in India. you will get a 1% Fuel Waiver on Refueling.

It has an Annual charge of ₹500 Which is impressive moreover, it has a renewal membership fee waived off offers if you spend upto ₹2 lakh or more within its anniversary year.

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