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Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis

Fear The Dark Unknown Update V1 30-PLAZA ##VERIFIED##

Suspect: Male Adult, 20-30 years of age, unknown race, approximately 6'0" to 6'2", slim build, wearing a gray long sleeve shirt, dark pants, blue and red baseball hat, black face covering and black shoes.

Fear the Dark Unknown Update v1 30-PLAZA

At approximately 1250 hours, an unknown Hispanic male adult was peeping through a front window watching an adult woman changing the clothes of her infant daughter. The woman became fearful and surprised, she notified an adult male inside the home of what just occurred and he confronted the suspect.

My advise to all women is to listen to your body! If your stomach is getting big for no apparent reason don't ignore it. Facing the facts is so much better than living with fear of the unknown. I thank God everyday that I was spared the worst

I am 33 and was diagnosed with Clear Cell Cancer of the ovaries on April 2, 2004. It had started with stomach aches and migraines. I had a 23cm tumor removed on 4/2/04. The surgery was approx 4.5 hours long, and the gyn-oncologist did a full hysterectomy with removal of both ovaries. My chemo starts on 4/20/04 and I'm very scared. I've got a great support system and thank God that I'm not dead. I think not knowing the unknown is the scariest of all. People keep telling me I am being strong or that I'm the stongest person they know, but what they don't know is that I just want to sit and cry because of the fear. My husband says "what won't kill you, makes you stronger". Easier said then done. I've told myself that its ok to be scared and afraid until the chemo is over. Just taking one day at a time.

Sarah was resting peacefully and I was just sitting there looking at her thinking how she looked like an angel! To my surprise, Dr. Atkins came through the door with that look of disbelief he had the day before in the X-ray room. He said that he would like to speak to me and my husband in the hall. He said that the reason he was there was because the lab knew immediately that the mass was malignant-cancerous! I felt as if I could not breathe! He went on to say that chemo-therapy had to be started immediately because they feared that when the tumor that he referred to as being larger than a cantaloupe, ruptured that they feared the cancerous cells got into her blood stream! We were going to be moved to the eighth floor, which I later learned was the dreaded floor for anyone to learn that they were going to! I was I to tell my daughter what was going to be? How was I to tell this angel of mine what chemo-therapy was going to do to her, how awful it would make her feel and that her beautiful platinum blonde hair would be no more because of this powerful cancer-fighting drug? I PRAYED FOR A VERY LONG TIME! I asked for the strength to be able to face her with this news and still make her feel that we would make it through this and try to bring as much positive into to it as I possibly could, no matter how, I was determined to bring positive into so much darkness with God's help!!! I told her and she was so confused and asked why and begged me not to make her go through this that she did not want to lose her was devastating to say the very least. We started the chemo...5 days in a row of this toxic deadly drug that I prayed would find the cancer cells in my daughter's blood and eliminate all of them! 041b061a72


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