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Taylor Swift - Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

Others may have choice words for Taylor Swift's perceived "boyfriend hopping" or whatever her relationship with Joe Alwyn is, but she welcomes them to "call it what you want to." They can conjecture and guess, but she's confident in what she truly knows it to be. She speaks of her love interest as "fly" and "[h]igh above the whole scene"--someone who can rise above petty distractions. She claims that he "[l]oves me like I'm brand new." He's not worried about her past experiences or about what may be her tired heart.

Taylor Swift - Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

At the same time Swift dropped the name and lyrics of her newest single on social media, we also found out that Swift will be doing a performance next week as part of TGIT on ABC, which is the lineup that includes Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights. Scandal posted a quick video on their social platforms, with the caption reading, "Watch #TGIT Next Thursday to see the World Premiere Performance of a new song by @taylorswift13! #TGITaylor." 041b061a72


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