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Fast And Furious 7 Vengeance Hits Home

Universal thought the Fast and Furious franchise was unstoppable. With each new sequel grossing more than the previous installment, they fast tracked Furious 7, even if it meant losing long time series director Justin Lin and new star The Rock. But when Paul Walker died before the movie was complete the cast and the creatives making the film had to rework the script to be a fitting goodbye. Can Insidious director James Wan make this film still be fast and furious while paying the fitting respects to a passed co-star? Join Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie to find out!

Fast and Furious 7 Vengeance Hits Home


It was announced over the weekend the official title for Fast and Furious 7 will be Furious 7, switching things up a bit after Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6. In addition to that announcement we learned the first trailer for the film will premiere at noon on November 1 and now the first poster for the movie has arrived as vengeance hits home.

Furious 7 sold roughly 2.5 million copies on DVD and blu-ray, making it the highest selling live-action home entertainment product of 2015. Will it keep that title when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits shelves in October?


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