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Enjoy Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya in High Definition | Direct Link

tere naal love ho gaya (2012) is a hindi movie directed by aman dhillon and produced by shazila katheria. the movie stars riteish deshmukh, genelia dsouza, om puri, and kunal khemu in the lead roles. the movie was released on 24 february 2012. the music for the movie was composed by abhijit vaghani.

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riteish deshmukh plays a character named "viren" who is a rickshaw driver in a small town. viren meets a girl named miny (genelia dsouza), who falls in love with him. later, viren and miny run away from home and stay in a rickshaw. viren stashes all his savings in the car. later, when the father of miny asks viren to marry miny, viren is furious with the father for selling off his rickshaws. he shows his anger by giving the ransom money to miny. but when he realizes he loves her, he decides to go back and get her. the movie ends with the two getting back together, whereas a marriage with miny's father is proposed to her. the film is a romantic comedy.

in a quaint village of haryana lives miny, a free-spirited tomboy who instantly wins your heart with her bubbly personality. her father, bhatti, runs an auto-rickshaw business and is adamant to marry her off against her liking to sunny. the male protagonist viren, is a humble and ambitious rickshaw driver working for minys father. bhatti, insecure about virens success, sells of all the rickshaws where viren had carefully stashed his life savings. in an attempt to recover his money from bhatti, viren storms into minys engagement with fury. this gives miny the perfect opportunity to escape her marriage and so she stages a kidnap. however, the kidnap goes all wrong and she and viren land up in virens family mansion. eventually, minys father arrives with the ransom that she had asked for and takes her back home. back in punjab, while she is being married off to sunny, it dawns on viren to go rescue her as he realizes his love for her. but will he manage to do so is what remains to be seen in a dramatic and comic climax.


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