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Mareux - The Perfect Girl (Official Music Video)

Today, L.A.-based darkwave artist Mareux unleashes the seductive music video for his viral cover of The Cure's much-loved 1987 track "The Perfect Girl" which has 2.3 billion views across TikTok.Produced and directed by visionary filmmakers Muted Widows (Michael R. Zumaya, Nedda Afsari, and Michael E Linn), the clip perfectly captures the song's shadowy, '80s roots with RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki serving vintage vamp."The Perfect Girl" visual begins with Chachki entering an apartment full of leather daddies. She struts around the space as the leather-clad fellas perform household chores (watch TV, iron clothes, make spaghetti) around her. As she primps in the mirror, it soon becomes unclear whether the scene is real-or part of her imagination. The video ends up bringing diverse subcultures together to create something visually enthralling."Muted Widows were able to capture the song's vibe perfectly by casting a contemporary megastar like Violet and placing her against an unnerving mid-century backdrop, which parallels the dark yet dreamy and alluring nature of the song," says Mareux, real name Aryan Ashtiani. Mareux's "The Perfect Girl" has become a modern-day classic, reaching well over 70 million streams.

Mareux - The Perfect Girl (Official Music Video)

In describing Mareux's sound, reviewer Fabrizio Lusso puts it best, "Mareux's moody and strongly emotional electronic laden lo-fi approach straddles the line between synth-pop, coldwave and post-punk in a stunning and infectious blend of thick glacial beats, lustrous synth stabs, sparse droning elements, vigorous bleak bass pulsations and a superb passionate voice, flavored by a mournful shadowy-goth feel, a seductive 80s flair, and sometimes subtle groovy r&b inflection."Watch the new music video here:

i saw the lusic video and i interpret it as like a drag queen or a trans woman who really wants to be a girl but never really feels like they are one. that's why they say "i think i'm falling in love with you" because they mean he is falling in love with the girl he wants to be. and thats why he says "i want to be with you" because he wants to be a girl really bad. he wants to be with that personality. he says "you're such a strange girl, the way you look like you do." because thats how he thinks about himself. he feels like he doesnt look like a real girl and he won't pass as one. and he says he "i want to shake you all around, i want to turn you upside down." like somehow if he moves her the tight way he can finally feel like a woman. but he will never be close enough to being one.

In July 2021, Chachki released the single "Mistress Violet" with pop singer Allie X. The song was produced by French producer Lecomte De Brégeot and written by Allie X. The accompanying 1980s influenced music video was shot on analog and features themes of power play and BDSM, with the two appearing in haute couture outfits by Schiaparelli. Chachki had previously appeared in Allie X's 2016 music video for "All The Rage".[29]

Mareux is the stage name of American darkwave artist Aryan Ashtiani.[1] The artist is known for their 2015 release of a cover of the Cure's 1987 track, "The Perfect Girl", which in 2021 went on to become a viral song on the social media platform TikTok.[2] The song spawned several offshoots, including a Euphoria-themed trend,[3] and several more containing the character Patrick Bateman from the film American Psycho.[4] By April 2022, the track had garnered 2.3 billion views across half a million videos.[5] In 2022, Mareux released their official music video for "The Perfect Girl", produced and directed by Muted Widows and starring RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 winner, Violet Chachki.[6] 041b061a72


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