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Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis

[S6E13] The Blood Of Sanctum

Sheidheda convinced Russel that killing Madi was a dumb decision. Why simply kill a tween when you can team up with the blood-thirsty sociopath possessing her body?? So they made up a secret handshake and vowed to get some sweet, sweet revenge on Clarke. They woke up Wonkru and marched them into the med bay to glower at the Squad and say mean things.

[S6E13] The Blood of Sanctum

Season 6 was one of the strongest in the series, bringing us enough action and violence to quell our bloodlust, while also focusing on the characters, their relationships, and their mental health. We saw a group of broken people pulling themselves back together this season, and it was exquisite to behold. 041b061a72


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